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Revolutionize Your Workspace with AI-Driven Solutions


Business Consulting and AI-Driven Technology Solutions

At Flagfinn, we specialize in offering comprehensive business consulting and AI-driven technology solutions crafted to optimize your operations and drive strategic growth. Our seasoned team of Business Consultants is dedicated to guiding you through the development and refinement of your finance operations strategy, ensuring seamless alignment with your unique business objectives. Leveraging our extensive global and regional experience, we combine deep expertise in finance operations with cutting-edge AI technologies to deliver tailored solutions that elevate your operations into strategic and efficient functions.

Empowered by the latest advancements in AI technology, our solutions are designed to enhance workplace efficiency and meet your evolving needs:

  • Office Space Utilization Optimization:
    Harness the power of advanced AI-driven sensor technology to maximize office space utilization and boost employee productivity. Gain real-time insights to make informed decisions and streamline operations effectively.

  • Environmental Data Management:
    Utilize AI-driven environmental data solutions to minimize energy consumption and reduce costs. Optimize HVAC systems intelligently to create a comfortable and sustainable workspace environment.

  • Workplace Transformation:
    Drive workplace transformation with AI-powered insights. Customize workspace layouts and amenities based on AI-driven usage patterns to foster collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement.

  • Building Automation Solutions:
    Automate building management tasks with AI-driven occupancy and environmental data integration. Enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize overall building performance seamlessly.

  • Energy Saving Initiatives:
    Implement AI-powered smart energy management strategies to optimize energy systems and usage effectively. Achieve cost savings, reduce environmental impact, and ensure a comfortable working environment for your employees.

With our holistic approach to business consulting and AI-driven technology solutions, Flagfinn is your trusted partner in driving operational excellence and achieving strategic objectives.

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Case Studies

Streamline your operations with a solution that works

Seamless integration

Simultaneous integration with multiple ERP systems speeds up invoice matching at Heineken. Consolidation of the Finance functions with an Invoice Automation solution helped deliver significant time and cost savings. Today over 90% of Heineken's purchase invoices are matched automatically.

KC-icon Heineken.png

Global solutions

With millions of invoices received annually in countries around the globe, it was inefficient for ABB to continue relying on manual invoice processing methods. The company turned to Invoice automation solution with the goals of increasing efficiency, achieving a higher degree of visibility and standardizing the invoice handling process.


Works Smarter Not Harder

Invoice automation allows Toyota Industrial Equipment to be 60% more productive, with efficient dispute management saving 50 working hours a month.

KC-icon Toyota (1).png

Speeds Up Invoice Processing

McDonald's is successfully connecting its suppliers to PDF e-Invoice. Accounts Payable Automation reduces errors and makes processes faster. McDonald’s values those benefits and could also onboard their small suppliers.


Reduce Workload And Simplify Reporting On A Global Scale

DHL’S goal was to standarise and automate their full Purchase-to-Pay Process across more than 100 countries. They chose Basware to reduce team workloads and simplify reporting on a global scale.

Basware logo.png

Our Partnership

Basware is how finance leaders in global enterprises can finally automate their complex, labor-intensive invoice processes. Basware AP automation and invoicing platforms help you achieve a new level of efficiency – in a matter of months – while reducing errors and risks. That’s why the world’s most efficient AP departments, at brands such as HP, Mercedes-Benz, and DHL, rely on Basware to handle over 220 million invoices per year. And it’s how they’re seeing such great results, like processing 89% of invoices totally touchless.

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